Entrance to Fort Ashlock

Fort Ashlock is a strong and huge fort on the evil island of Isla Inferno. It was a EITC and Royal Navy fort that was on top of the tallest mountain where the dangerous Undead Reaper boss, Syth. During the times when the EITC ruled this fort was the centre where the soldiers of the EITC and Royal Navy trained. It is about the size as Kingshead Fort where Remington the Vicious lives. It has cannons on the outside to protect against enemies on land and sea. It is on top of a mountain and covers the entire top of that mountain. Fort Ashlock was built after Lord Francis Beckett and the crew aboard the Black Raven found the mountain that was perfect to make their fort huge and strong. Commander John Simmons was the one who designed the fort and his Royal Navy Fleet brought the equipment and other pieces. It took around 1 year to complete the first part of the fort. Then once the fort was completed then the towns were started to be built around and Fort Ashlock was the second biggest fort built beside the forts on Kingshead. This was the main fort on the island and was protected for any type of attack. It can only be found on Isla Inferno containing Navy and EITC Rage Ghosts and Undead Reapers and Syth the undead reaper boss watching over the island

Other Info

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