Lawrence McSwain is a wanted criminal, for crimes against the crown and empire, 30,000 pound reward.

Pirate Icon Userbox Image01 Former Admiral Lawrence McSwain is a Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Lord Lawrence McSwain was Born Lawrence Jule McSwain in Glasgow, Scotland on the 19 August 1724

He attended Eton College and graduated with highest marks. He would go on to buy a Lieutenant's Commission in the East India Trading Company at the age of 16. He would serve as 3rd Lieutenant aboard HMS Victory at the battle of Raven's Cove where he would play an important part in capturing a vast amount of El Patrons Weapons.

Afterwards he would be promoted to Lt. Commander and given command of an EITC Panther and posted at Padres Del Fuego's Fort Dundee. He then served as the Captain of EITC Conqueror. He was escorting a treasure fleet when it was attacked by the Black Pearl he fought off the Pearl which was under the command of an undead Barbossa and was rewarded by being made a knight. A year latter he was given the huge promotion to Commander-in-Chief of the Company's Caribbean Fleet and personally escorted Lord Cutler Beckett to Port Royal. He would go on to found the EITCo Guild "Admirals Game" and enlisted his former shipmates from the battle of Raven's Cove to join.

He is to be trialed for crimes commited on the high seas! (Meaning he is no longer a Knight or C-in-C)

Lawrence McSwain has been recently massacring British Patrols and Recently Massacred the British Garisson on Cuba. The British Troops were massacred not one so far survived. It is believed he has been going around under a fake alias as a British Officer.

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