Footsoldier Jas

Footsoldier Jas

I am Jason Eitc Lord But also in the Famous an good guild and mafia the La Mafia we are the strongest Mafia today. I joined yesterday and I already like I get the do Eitc for main but when im bored I get the fellow the MAFIA :D I love it, it givesd me something to do I hope to get more Eitc to join for a activity that we can all do and welcome new members. From Eitc I hope that we can grow both in eitc and the La Mafia.

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Footsoldier Jas is a footsoldier in La Mafia. I hope to get more missions and expand Eitc and La maifa thank you for your time


New flag of Eitc and La maifa and our peace

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