Fool's Cannon Ram

Fool's Cannon Ram


The Royal Navy used to make these, giving them to pirates to defend their islands like Port Royal.But then bandits started to steel them every night making the navy's supply of this ram very low and kept some hidden.But one day jolly roger found out about these rams and then cursed them into his cannon rams now you only find these by fighting the undead. It can now be bought at Sharpe's Blacksmithing.


Fool's Cannon Ram was the first famed cursed cannon ram.It is a highly idiotic to use this not in cannon defense. It gives your fury -4 and also your round shot -3, but used in cannon defense it gives the cannoneer unlimited powder kegs and it also shorts the level meaning that you can earn powder kegs at the level 5!It also grants the user in cannon defense unlimited firestorm but it will make the level longer meaning you can unlock firestorm at your cannon defense level 20!
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