Fleur, or The Kingdom of Fleur is a City-State founded sometime during the 1600's, and is a neighbor to Grecia. Like Grecia, it is one of the few remaining "Kingdoms" after the fall of Sparta. It was founded by Luigi Erithiah, and is currently being run by Antonio Erithiah.

Before the events of Serenity

Thirty years before the events of Serenity, Fleur acted as another "military" state, a place where soldiers were trained for future use, similar to Sparta. The soldiers it created mainly became mercenaries, and zombie or monster hunters in the Wildlands, several members became associated or full-fledged members of The Reapers. When Giovanni, the King of Sparta began annexing neighboring City-States for his people, Fleur, like Grecia secretly helped Sparta in the conflict, providing soldiers while Grecia supplied weapons and provisions.

However, midway through the war, Giovanni in his arrogance publically outed the two kingdoms, Grecia denounced Giovanni and began actively helping the Overseers, while Fleur remained loyal until the Overseers, lead by Troy Pistós took the capital city Vinze. Luigi Erithiah knowing he and his people would be slaughtered, he surrendered to the soldier.

By 1885, Luigi is still running the Kingdom, but under the ever watchful eye of the Overseers and their spies. Fleur is also still active in their creation of mercenaries, as many hunters originate from Fleur. This is also the City-State in which Katherine Thárros resided for a time before meeting Morgan Odenkirk, a lawyer who she uses as a sponsor to get into Eirene.

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