History of Firey Sea Bandits

Mark Ironflint made a guild called The Firey Sea Bandits. Later, the guild was destroyed. However, a newer version of the guild, called "Firey Sea Bandits!", was created by the original guildmaster, Mark. After the return of Nate Raidhawk, Mark decided to name Nate as the GM and himself as the original founder. Both are the same rank and have the same leadership abilities.


The guild's purpose is to serve as the remnants of a now ancient guild called El Bandidos. The guild desires to rebuild itself to El Bandidos' former glory.

Informative Stats

This guild has established a base at Fort Charles of Battama, and has a hidden backup base somewhere in the region.


Nate Raidhawk is the current Guildmaster as Mark Ironflint is the Founder, who wields the same amount as Nate does.


The guild's structure is a small, independent community that contributes to itself. Here is the following hierarchy:

  1. Guildmaster and Founder
  2. Officials
  3. Medics
  4. Soldiers
  5. Looters, Bandits, Treasure Hunters
  6. Merchants and Makers
Screenshot 2011-10-16 19-43-05

Founder (left) and GM (right)

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