Ever wanted some of the world's finest rum for low prices? Well the got some Treasure Island rum. Our main factory is located on Padres del Fuego in the top town. We sell many brands of rum to local taverns nearby. If you come to the factory we will give you a FREE bottle of our famous Scoundrel Suprise rum. We will hire anyone who is willing to work hard.

Employes (From highest rank to lowest)

Head founder: Jade

Co. Founder: Plunderskull


Co. Manager:

Assistant: Jason Pillagebowers

Wiki page editor:
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we got an invisible sheild from a friend of mine who works at daggerpaine industries. The sheild makes us invisible so jolly roger wont destroy the place because with out rum, us pirate would be ruied.




Worker: Jack Stormskull


Delivery boy/girl:

Delivery boy/girl:


List you name bellow if you would like to join...

Our produts

  • Scoundrel Suprise: Don't ask what the suprise is or you may never want another drink again.
  • Padres punch: Just a sip will light you whole mouth on fire...literally.
  • A Kings Tonic: We even sell rum to EITC! This bottle is made of half rum and half tea so ye fools can drink properly without worrying about getting in trouble.
  • Skeleton rum: This rum be so nasty even cursed can taste it.(getting skeleton rum is part of quest for Gunner)
  • Virgin Rum: This rum comes with no alcohol, perfect for your kids.
  • Last glass: One drop is all it takes to knock you out!

We also sell

  • Hobo pie
  • Rum Flasks
  • Voodoo dolls
  • Tonics

Call in the next 5 seconds and get a free expired coupon used by Denseil Washington.....TOO LATE.

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