The Fighting Executioner is the floating fortress of Matthew Sternrage and is his pride and joy ship. It is what he uses for special events on the sea, raids of Kingshead, and capturing of ships and welcoming ships. Her original Port of Registry was Kingshead but she was long captured and Registered in Tortuga. She was originally called the Golden King in service as a Navy Dreadnought. Click here for full story on how she was captured. The Fighting Executioner consists of a 12 man crew, 16 space for cargo, and a max speed of 19 knots ramming speed. She regulary is seen departing from Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego, but she is now often seen leaving Raven's Cove in a hurry, like something is very important aboard her below her slabs of wood and metal structure.

Fighting Executioner


Savvys Elite

Ship Type

War Frigate

# of Sails



Matthew Sternrage



Floorplan of Fighting Executioner

Screenshot 2010-08-19 19-12-48

Fighting Executioner in action as a Pirate Ship

Sail ramming speed Fighting Executioner is a War Frigate!!
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