Born in 1702, Ferdinand Clemente is the eldest and most well-known son of Phillipe V Clemente. Many believe that he would bring Spain peace and stability in his various rebellions against his father. Nevertheless, Ferdinand Clemente is one the most well-known and glorious figures in Spanish history and certainly had exceptional leadership abilities. His bravery and potential to get something done was always noted and never underestimated.


Born in May 10 of 1702, Ferdinand Clemente also known as "Cadet" was the most well known son of Grace Goldtimbers and Phillipe V Clemente. Ferdinand was often very gullible, and therefore easily manipulated. Pearson's enemies saw this and took advantage of this by instating ideas in Ferdinand's young mind to help him realize that Phillipe V Clemente and his men are all evil and power hungry monsters. Ferdinand led multiple rebellions against his father Phillipe, all which Phillipe repelled. The first rebellion was the most successful as Cadet managed to convince the high ranked members of Caribbean Rangers guild to join him. This all happened in one night, and the following morning they had all rejoined Pearson, greatly betraying Cadet, leading into its defeat. After that he joined back with Pearson, which he then would follow him for all of the multiple guilds and wars that would follow.

More recently Ferdinand has returned and has rightfully established himself as King of Spain. He yearns for a period of productivity, diplomacy and healing for Spain and its colonies.  

Favorite Quote

"Do you know, my son, with what little understanding the world is ruled?" -Pope Julius III

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