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Jeremiah Stormwash, or Jerry, which is what his father Amapur called him was born a little earlier to his father when he was living in a small hut on Port Royal, because everything he had owned was lost when the EITC blew up Port Royal. The big house, the money, the jewellery... it was all gone. Even the wife. Amapur wife, and Jerry's mother, Ildiko was killed by a falling chandelier of which the rope broke in the fire. When Jerry was 16, he ran away from home, because his father was marrying another woman, and Jerry never got over the loss of his mother. Then Jerry turned to his best friend, Johnny Sea Slasher fro help. Jerry was always welcome at Johnny's house. His father was very kind to him, and Johnny and him were practically brothers. When Jerry turned 17, he left Johnny and his father with 50 gold pieces in his pocket, and boots that had holes on them.

Life On Tortuga

On the Port Royal docks, he talked Fletched Beakman into letting him be a stowaway for 25 gold, so he can travel to Tortuga, there he can safely live, away from authority and other things he disliked. On Tortuga, Jerry moved into an abandoned bar, and lived there for about the next 2 months. Every day, he would go down into the Thieve's Den, and ask Claude D'Arcis, the EITC Boss in the outpost fro work. He'd earn about 25 gold a day... but D'Arcis was cheating him out of 475 gold. When Jerry found this out, he vowed revenge on the thug, and turned to piracy.

Jailing And Escape

He was soon arrested and sent to a remote island navy jail called Rambleshack. But because the infamous Jack Sparrow was his cellmate, and he was the arch enemy of Jolly Roger, a cursed man, Jolly came with his army and his flagship and began bombing the island. Soon, the navy was gone, and when Jerry awoke from being knocked out by navy men for trying to escape, Jack was urging him to get up and move out. He had arranged transport for him to Port Royal, where he can find out more of how Jerry can become an infamous pirate too. But because Jolly boarded and killed the captain of the ship, Bo Beck, and made Jerry walk the plank, Jerry had to swim all the way to Port Royal, to find out Jolly thought he was Jack.


To be continued...


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