Another Idea I got while daydreaming, I originally wanted it to be a normal quest, but a friend suggested it to be a father's day quest. The idea came from wondering how Angelica found Blackbeard, her long lost father. In the movie she says he was recently found, this quest is about how she finds him. You can only receive this quest once, from Scrum, in Skull's Thunder on Padres Del Fuego. You receive a triple notoriety bonus instead of double.

The Quest

The following quest will be in standard POTCO Wiki Format.

After receiving the quest from Scrum, you must prove your loyalty in order for him to tell you the location of his "special" friend.

Name Task Reward
Prove Loyalty Defeat 5 Dregs. 100 Notoriety Points
Return to Scrum 50 Notoriety Points
Visit Scrum's Associate Visit Angelica in Goslin Prymme's 50 Notoriety Points
Find Records. Recover records of Pirate fathers in the Caribbean from a desk in EITC Outpost in Thieves Den on Tortuga. 100 Notoriety Points
Return to Angelica. 100 Notoriety Points
Board the Queen Anne's Revenge Board the Deadly Queen Anne's Revenge and disarm her crew. 125 Notoriety Points
Talk to Blackbeard Go Inside the Captain's Cabin and speak with Blackbeard. 125 Notoriety Points
Return to Angelica Return to Angelica and tell her the whereabouts of her father. 225 Notoriety Points and x3 reward for 2 hours.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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