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Can you imagine a 10 minute war on Potco? You can now hear about an actual war like this!


  • On February 15 a man named Tom Sharksilver declared war on Co. Special Ops.
  • Tom Sharksilver and his guild (Silver Spies) were soon crushed on their own.
  • Silver spies soon called in Delta Republic for assistance.
  • Co. Special Ops. won the Pvp against Delta Republic and Silver Spies.
  • The Delta Republic and Silver Spies called in 3 guilds for assistance.
  • Co. Special Ops. called in 2 members from British Eitc Military, and 1 member from Siberean Empire.
  • The opposing side had 6 people from Delta, 5 people from Silver Spies, and 7 other ALL above the level 35, but they were soon defeated.

Moral of this story

The Co. Special Ops. have a strong Army, and never mess with ops, and NEVER EVER mess wit the Special Ops... especially Co. Special Ops.

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