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Hello and Goodbye my fellow players.Edit

It is King John Macbatten of Sweden. I have made this page to create my will. I am probably going to leave this game very soon. I may stop in every now and then but, I just wanted to tell you this.

My WillEdit

Control of ALL of what Sweden has and owns: Elizabeth Bane

All my money: John Breasly

My War Frigate: John Breasly

Silver Freeze: Elizabeth Bane

Loyalty Bandana: To Be decided

Head Of The Palladins: Robert O'morgan

The 2 rings of the Hassansins & Leadership: Robert O'morgan

Rare Clothes: To Be Decided

Eye Witnessess people who have to sign (need 2 more)Edit

Sweden-flagKung John Macleve högt på Av Sverige Translation King John Macbatten of Sweden 18:20, May 29, 2011 (UTC)John Macbatten

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