Fan GM Lawrence Daggerpaine of the East India Trading Company


Fan Gm: Lawrence Daggerpaine is the EITC version of Fan GM:Lawrence Daggerpaine. Lawrence Daggerpaine was a spy during the Second Co. wars, spying on the EITC. He would dress as EITC so get a closer look at what they were doing. He worked around the Caribbean at every EITC Outpost there is. He travels from outpost to outpost, making sure no pirates will get raided by the EITC.
  • He tries to learn EITC Secrets from anybody, even bribing informant pirates.
  • He is seen in all navy outposts, including Fort Charles, Fort Dundee, Kindshead, and Thieves Den. He can attack out with a sword.
  • He has an EITC colored Sloop.
  • He is only found on Test Servers


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