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Fan GM Paapa

Paapa is a Game Master in the The Royal Navy guild, but holds partial loyalty to his people of Africa. He is dressed as a pirate, due to his current post. He is also an NPC found in Gibraltar, Fort Desert Strider, Oran, Fort Charles, and Fort Righteous.


Paapa Sahan was a poor peasant for most of his life, living near the Nile. His grandfather had always told him stories of the Egyptian gods. Paapa knew his grandfather was insane, but loved the stories. When the Royal Navy came to Egypt, he thought they were servants of Set, the god of chaos. He joined his local militia, and battled the Navy for many years. Finally, the Navy pushed their front into the town, and they were surrounded. Suddenly, the Navy stopped firing. A tall, strongly-built man walked forward, and stepped into the town. A militia-man attempted to attack the man, but he drew his pistol and killed his attacker. He stepped forward, and said in reasonably well Arabic, "People of the Nile, I am General Wolfe. We mean no harm. If you go work with us in peace, we may make an agreement. We want to help you." After several weeks, Paapa dropped his last name, and joined the Royal Navy.

He served for many years in Egypt, until he was moved to Tunis. There, he was involved in several important battles.

He was then stationed in Algiers, and helped free the slaves, and one of the men that would one day become Lord Proprietor Robert Mcroberts. After his victory at Algiers, he was sent to the Caribbean. There, he met Captain Ellison Shaw. Shaw taught him many skills he had never known before.

He is currently serving the Royal Navy. He occasionally makes trips to Africa.



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