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Colonial Charles Collack

Colonel Charles Collack


Colonel Charles Collack was a colonel in the navy during the major Pirate Wars. After the war Charles traveled and lead an Expeditional Fleet to Africa where he captured villagers and killed all who stood in his way. After Charles got his men he created a group called Collack Conquers United. His guild specialized in war and raiding, so much in fact that he was ordered to attack Isla Inferno, his first attempt failed and it is rumored that he is planning another raid on Isla Inferno under the command of Lord Cutler Becket.

GM Sign Fan GM Colonel Charles Collack is Guildmaster of the Collacks Conquerers United guild.


Cannon: 28
Sailing: 30
Sword: 30
Gun: 26
Voodoo Doll: N/A
Dagger: 29
Grenade: 19
Overall Notoriety: 50
Ship: The Black Mercenary-Ship of the Line
Prefered Weapon of Choice: Royal Navy Sabre-Given to him during his time in the Royal Navy
Current Home: Unknown rumored to be on Isla Inferno


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