Fan GM Bounty Hunter Bill is a level 50 notoriety pirate, who's maxed out on sword, pistol, doll, and dagger. He is mainly seen on any of the different islands, but sticks close to the home islands of Padres, Port Royal, and Tortuga. Once in a while he will visit tormenta, Raven's Cove, Isla Cangrejos, or Cutthorat Isle. He is found with GM Lawrence Daggerpaine, along with many of Lawrence's guild members, as Bounty Hunter Bill is also in Lawrence's guild. He has many friends, and 4 brothers, Law, of which he's an adopted brother, bill, who is also law's adopted brother and therefore, Hunter's Brother, Davy Hookwrecker, and Hector Raidgrin.

He will talk to you, and if you're lucky, he'll help you with a quest or assist you in an invasion.

P.S. He prefers to be called hunter.

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