Evil Lawrence Daggerpaine
Evil Law
One day, Lawrence Daggerpaine, Bill Plunderbones, and Bobby Moon were hanging out. Bill and Bobby were street fighting for fun, when Lawrence was punched in the face. Bobby had accidentally hit Lawrence with a Shadow Blast, and turned Lawrence evil! Bill was able to make Law turn back to normal, but that evil is still within him, and will come out if you make him mad. When Lawrence Daggerpaine gets mad, he will turn evil, and is not at all scared to murder you with a knife in your back, or a bullet to the head. Evil LAwrence also does a lot for La Mafia, being so evil that he does not care what he has to do.
He uses special weapons that can kill you with no mercy; these are:

  • Grand Blunderbuss
  • Silver Freeze
  • Corsair Bayonet
  • General's Broadsword
  • Scoundrel's Pistol

Evil Lawrence Daggerpaine dresses a lot differently than normal Lawrence. His clothing choice includes:

  • Rough Tricorne
  • Adventure Longcoat
  • Valentine Shirt
  • Engraved Box Belt
  • Dark Black Cotton Trousers
  • Error, No Name boots

His eyes also become dark around the edges.
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