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Chapter 1-the Start of Evil,Evil Little Elf

That qoute best describes the main participant of this story, evil, crazy, demented, tiny. Evil,Evil Little Elf wasn't always called by the name he is called by today, EELE (abbreviation for Evil, Evil, Little ELf) was once.... who am I kidding> Evil,Evil Little Elf was always little, evil and cold hearted. EELE started making his mark on the world when he was caught, by the police, attempting to kill Innocent Shopper. Some say EELE was not right in the head, after he escaped from police he began to steal and pillage. Soon he became the #001 most hated person on the planet and the #001 most wanted man in the world. Evil,Evils Little Elf had nowhere to turn to so he got on a boat, killed the occupants,
Evil,Evil Little ELf

"People call me: A menace towards society. Pure demented total evil. I agree with them." ~Evil Evil Little Elf

ate all of their food and sailed to the Caribbean.

Chapter 2-Arrival in the Caribbean

When Evil,Evil Little Elf arrived in the Caribbean, he landed on Port Royal, and, it just so happened that the EITC were patrolling the area. When they came across EELE, they identified him instantly. Evil,Evil Little Elf saw the usual look in their eyes, the "look its the most wanted villain on this planet lets attack him" look. EELE was accustomed to this look and calmly turned and drew his Cavalier's Broadsword and destroyed his attackers in the blink of an eye. EELE heard someone coming from behind him and fled.


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