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The Eternal Royal Elites is an EITC guild that is well developing it is under the command of Lord Giratina Origin Form.
Guild Userbox ImageEITC Eternal Royal. Elites is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Unlike its predecessor The Co. Empire the Eternal Royal Elites is a guild of freedom and is trying to win a major battle over the United Empire a guild that is full of people that use to be in The Co. Empire (United Empire is under control by Benjamin Macmorgan). The United Empire believe that they themselves own the Caribbean and will persuade any to join they also think that Benjamin Macmorgan is the king of the Caribbean to stop this from happening we have united with pirates alike if you would like to help or are interested ask a fellow member of Eternal Fair winds!

Lord Girantina Origin Form

Lord Mark (second in command)

Lord Sam Seavane (Third in command)

Lord Usman (Fourth in command)

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