"Big Sister"








Distinguishing features:

Blue skin; red eyes; three scars


Polarian Empire/Herself

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"There's cowardly, incompetent, and idiotic - and then there's you people."


Esther was the daughter of Merkon and Benthamic and sister of MC Zoomer. Four years older than her brother, Esther was almost universally referred to simply as "Big Sister." Due to her father's wish for a male heir, she was hardened into a cold-blooded killer and ruthless military commander despite her mother's insistence that she be raised as a courteous diplomat.

The Supreme Leader's Daughter

Some time after Benthamic and the human Merkon married, they gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Esther, while on vacation in the city of Kent. While Benthamic was disappointed that Merkon could not bear him a son, he still learned to accept her existence, sometimes even praising her for academic achievements. However, his generally distant relationship with her led Esther to grow closer to her kind mother, Merkon, who would tutor her late into the night on matters of science, art, and diplomacy. Once Cali was born, however, Merkon was forced to give most of her attention to her little brother, leaving her to seek wisdom mostly from Benthamic.

While Esther was a competent student who specifically excelled in the areas of history and mathematics, by the time she reached the age of 17 her father had decided it was time for her to begin to experience the "real" world for what it truly was. He enlisted her in the ranks of the mysterious Knights of the Second Advent, much to Merkon's chagrin.


Above: Esther's signature battle armor, worn during her time as a Knight of the Second Advent

Alone and mortified, Esther joned the Knights at a vital point in history - in the middle of the Edgelandian Civil War, in which the control of then-socialist Edgelandia was contested between the Loyalists (the communist government) and the Libertarians, the capitalist pro-democracy revolutionaries supported by the Polarian Empire and its ally Mallandia. Acting as his secret enforcers, Benthamic gave the Knights the task of assassinating the current Imperator of Edgelandia and replacing him with a Libertarian puppet by the name of Ned Edgewalker.

To be continued...

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