Estela Heartlight lvl 48 (commonly known as Stella) arrived to the Caribbean in 2007 from Spain

in company of her
Estela heartlight
sister Paulette Heartlight.

When Stella was level 5, she joined the Voodoo Lords guild, where she remained until level 14. During her time in that guild she got a work with her sister and cousins (Toph and Li Bridgehazzard) at King’s Arm in Abassa. There they sold rum and food like undead hamburgers and roasted parrot (Stella’s favorite food) and they also had a show called “The Primas Show”. Working on that bar, Stella got a lot of friends and enemies.

One night, members of the Black Mercenary’s guild arrived to the bar trying to arrest everybody but they made a deal with Stella in order to stop. Since that moment Stella joined the Black Mercenary’s and became a spy.

Stella worked for the EITC guilds for long time until she finally created her own guild.


Voodoo lords EITC guilds The Co. Empire

Shadow blood

Assassins Empire Thirsty Souls

Guild page:


Alot of pirates XD


Enemies (known)

Benjamin Macmorgan

Matthew Wildvane

Samuel Darkfury

Almost mastered all the skills

Favorite weapon



Light Sloop - Scarlett Dragon

War sloop - Scarlett Queen

War Frigate - Scarlett Mercenary

Favorite places

The Catacombs

Padres del Fuego


Samuel Darkfury

Lee Knite


Chris Ironhawk

Benjamin Macmorgan

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