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Eric Sternnslipper was a little known pirate who had only one claim to fame. He was Richard Whaledavis' long lost brother, and John Whaledavis' stepson. They were like best friends until Richard's father took him to Kingshead but left Eric behind. Eric then became forever resentful of Richard and his life.

Early life

Eric Sternslipper was born on 16 December 1691. He was born to Marcia Whaledavis and Timothy Sternslipper, during Marcia's affair with Timothy, who was the son of a wealthy businessman back in England. He and Richard were introduced to each orther when Eric was four years old. However, they did not find out that they were half brothers until Eric was ten. It only strengthened their relationship.


When Richard was beaten by John Breasly, Eric was the first one that came to his aid. This cheered him up a bit, but not much. So John Whaledavis took Richard to Kingshead to cheer him up. Richard and Eric begged John to let Eric come with them, but he refused. So Richard reluctantly said goodbye to Eric. John promised him that he could go to wherever he wanted when they got back, but Eric just nodded. As soon as they were gone Eric ran away from home and settled on Padres del Fuego.

Teenage Years and Early Adulthood

On Padres del Fuego, Eric started to mature into a resentful and disrespectful young man. The locals on the island knew him as a thug who could not keep himself out of trouble. He met a young man named Johnnie O'Malley who taught him the basics of sword fighting. However, Eric never progressed to the level that his brother Richard did. After 5 years of living on Padres, Eric had gotten enough gold to buy his first ship,

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Eric Sternslipper captaining his ship on his voyage to Port Royal.

a light galleon which he named Black Eagle. He sailed this ship to Port Royal to confront Richard about their past.

Port Royal

Once on Port Royal, Eric decided to try to remind people of who he was by storming Fort Charles. Just then, his childhood friend Johnnie O'Malley came up to him and told him that he had heard a rumor that Richard Whaledavis was inside the fort. Eric then proceeded to charge into Fort Charles in order to find and confront his brother.
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Eric fighting a Navy Cadet outside Fort Charles.

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