Eric Redmonger is a newish member of INFERNO Really spelled I N F E R N O. He
Eric Redmonger 1
has served INFERNO well for 2 months... well maybe not entirely. He disappears sometimes. Eric Redmonger is an officer of INFERNO and has earned it. He has invitied 25 people plus and has invited several mastered pirates. He has been away in his business somewhere that no body really knows about. This shadowy character has been seen many a time assasinationg characters... he is said to be an assasion no one knows of who... but so far he seems to be an enemy of Creatures and Undead. He seems to be on the good side.

Eric Redmonger uses several weapons:

  • Silver Freeze
  • Seven Seas Cutlass
  • Tribal Chief Staff
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Grenades

We have found a journel of Eric Redmonger... It is interesting:


I have found that I was knocked out and it had been a very long time... last time I knew I was awake fighting... something. I don't know what it was... it had been such a long time. I remember one thing I was on a mission to be a master pirate the most notorous pirate around!

I have found I was in a guild I can not tell what guild it was... but I know I left in a hurry. I left to join the guild kill 10 times more. It was a nice guild, a nice guild master. But that guild master left the guild and hence I was traveling looking for a guild.


I have not been taking down my life for a while... but here it is I made a guild called Skeleton Warlords... I have also mastered my notoriety and was just roaming the Caribbean.


I joined INFERNO and I was told the rules.

I recruited like crazy and finally met my goal... to invite 25 people.

I told Ned Yellowbeard about the completion and he told me to recruit a mastered person.

I was very mad at this add to the task... I felt like leaving... I almost did.

I finally did invite a level 50 and was granted the rank of officer.


I became mad at the places taken away that we could go... like on a mountain on tortuga.

I had collected tons of new threads and was trashing a lot of stuff.

I bought a crazy thread from mardi gras celebration. I like this thread and I am forgiving to the awful voodoo power that accedently took our stuff.

I have been assasionating some undead for my fellow pirates.

I will try to add more to this journel.

Today I have been watching the fireworks... I enjoy watching them.

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