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In the heart of raven's cove lays a cave of lost soul's inprisoned by there master Foul Berto Smasho he locked them in he still bosses them around just like when they were alive Foul Berto was a naval officer aboard a navy ship he has discovered The island right after El patron did he had his crew of navy crew work on ravens cove his crew got tired of being there and tryed to escape but Foul Berto was not going to let this happened so he locked the door shut and blocked it in his crew fought back and attacked but he faught also with his armor he was more protected when he thought they were dead 1 of the crew members with all his power left stabed Foul Berto in the back killing him years and years past before more pirates discovered the island and worked hard to open it then discovering what secrets were inside this cave of lost souls finding ghost with dagger's and cutlasse's.

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