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Princess Emily McSteel is the daughter of King George II, or King George Augustus, or just John Breasly. Emily McSteel is one of John's most trusted, and loyal friends. King George says she is "His favorite daughter." Emily is currently in British Eitc Military, also officer in guild. She is 10 years old. She was born in 1734. She is often with Lord Johnny Coaleaston, or King John Breasly. ( And many others )

NOTE #1 : Emily / Amelia can have a huge temper. So please take care. NOTE #2 : Beware of having cookies or anything around Emily / Amelia.

Here is a list of her lvls;

  • Notoriety ~ 50
  • Cannon ~ 30
  • Sailing ~ 30
  • Sword ~ 30
  • Shooting ~ 30
  • Doll ~ 30
  • Dagger ~ 30
  • Grenade ~ 30
  • Staff ~ 30
  • Potions ~ 20
  • Fishing ~ 20

Emily usually only plays on her main pirate Emily McSteel. But she does have another pirate named Amelia that is Notoriety 15. And another named Amelia level 50. ( NOTE : Amelia is mostly on and Emily has become more inactive )


King John Breasly.

Great father. Doesn't come so often on, but I don't care. You are great.

Long live Great Britain!

Long live the king!

Lord Johnny Coaleaston.

First time we saw each other we didn't care much, then you became Head of Security of the Royal Family.

You became known to me, I became known to you. You began liking me. I felt the same slightely sometime after.

You asked me out. I said yes. We began dating, ( if you could call it that ).

Currently, we're with each other. You have " Died" sometimes too. xD

You are the greatest a girl could have. ( Well, for me )

We're now married. :D

( Kes ) :D


Grace. I've known you for..... Um.. I don't know, but anyways... You and me are like sisters. xD

We WAS though, until we've got angry on each other. But to come to today, we're still good friends. ( I hope :P )

WEAPONS SHE WANTS. ( Most are Cursed Blades )

Admiral's Cutlass, The Dark Mutineer ( Cursed ), Treachery's End ( Cursed ), Tyrant Blade ( Cursed ), Behemoth Blade, ( Legendary Cursed ) and Barracuda Blade.

Titles Aka : Amelia Augustus or Amelia Sophia Eleanor. Princess of Great Britain and The British Empire

Lord Admiral of the british Royal Navy

Former leader of the guild Emily the Great

Princess of Hannover

Second in line for the throne

Member of The High Court Of England

Member of The Royal Family of both England and Italy

Princess of Cookie land. ( Claimed by myself ) :D

In charge of the 100 Royal Cookie Jars

Her signature if she ever decides to join the Wiki

Emily McSteel princess of England

Profile Card and over pictures

Emily McSteel Profile Card
Remington gettign Emily tea
Emily saying
AFK buddies


Father - King George II

Husband - Johnny Coaleaston

Grandfather - King George I

Great Grandpa - Unknown

Great Grandmother - Unknown

Great Grandfather-in-law - Unknown

Cousin - ?

Screenshot 2011-08-04 11-24-05

Uncle - Samuel Redbeard, Johnny Goldtimbers

Cousin - Jack Swordmenace

Cousin - Grace Goldtimbers

Brothers - Prince Leonardo Yellowwrecker Goldtimbers III

Sisters - None?

Son/s - ?

Boom boom

Darkhart being defeated by Emily with a Rusty Sabre while she is on fire

FAVORITE WEAPONS : Lost Sword of El Patron, Black Shark Blade, War Scattergun, Skullbone repeater.

Captain's Cutlass,

Seven Seas Cutlass and Bush Master Pistol.


General's Broadsword ( Broardsword. )

Skullbone Repeater ( Repeater )

TRIVIA ( More coming )

Emily / Amelia do not have any rank, but still take part in battles or training. ( Mostly because to fight for England ) :D

Emily / Amelia has over 20 different outfits.

Amelia defeated Edward Lohand two times in a row, in Beckett's Quarry.

I've made at least 10 different characters. XD ( Most end up being deleted after level 14 )

At the age of 10, Emily / Amelia is married, married to Lord Johnny Coaleaston.

Emily Mcsteel and Amelia is in the guild British Black Guard.

Emily has 27 famed ( Amelia has 12 famed ). Both has a legendary cutlass, Lost sword of El Patron. Emily has caught Glittering Girl and Speedy Lou.

Emily / Amelia has the Mutineers Charm from QAR, ( Queen Anne's revenge )

FRIEND LIST. ( Not in alphabetical, also randomly )

People I want on friend list : I don't know yet lol


John Breasly - Level 43 ( And two other more )

Johnny Goldtimbers - Level 50

Johnny Coaleaston - Level 49

Samuel Redbeard - Level 50 ( Samuel Harrington )

Benjamin Macmorgan - Level 31

Basil Badhayes Level 46

Captain Ryan - Level 45

Captain Leon - Level 43 ( Is terminated )

Cad Bane - 44

Edgar Wildrat - Level 50

Jason Yelloweagle - Level 14

Jack Bluehawk - Level 50

Lord Jeremiah Garland - Level 45

Maxamillion - Level 50

Matthew Blastshot - Level 22

Matthew Darkskull - 50

Marc Cannonshot - 50

Henry - Level 28

Stephen - Level 36


Elizabeth Darkhawk - Level 24

Carly - 13

Emily - Level 49

Rose - Level 19

Maria Badsilver - Level 14

Kelly - Level 21

Angel - Level 33

Angel Goldslipper - Level 24

Angel Coaleston - Level 8 ( Johnny Coaleaston's second character )

Maggie Wildrage - Level 50

Grace - Level 26

Samantha Goldshot - Level 38

Madster - Level 50


Kingshead Emily McSteel has done the Infamous Kingshead Glitch before it was fixed!
Teacup This user is a proud member of the Tea Team!
Defeated QAR Emily McSteel has sunk the Queen Anne's Revenge and defeated her notorious crew
Watery Mast Emily McSteel is a BEAST in SvS
Invasions Emily McSteel has seen the green light in the sky and fights in invasions against Jolly Roger's Undead Skeletons!
Coin flip Emily McSteel is Preparing for the next update!
ImagesCAJQ87YS Emily McSteel has completed Chapter 1: The Black Pearl and retrieved the Black Pearl!
Lion 4 Emily McSteel is a True Englishman at heart!
LevelTemplate50 Emily McSteel has reached Notoriety level 50!
CompassSM Emily McSteel is a master at Sailing!
Cannonmaster Emily McSteel is a master of the Cannon!
PvPWar Master Emily McSteel is a/an Rookie in PvP Infamy
SvSAdmiral Emily McSteel is ranked a/an Vice Admiral in SvS Imfamy.
Pirate Icon Userbox Image01 Emily McSteel is a Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Pirate Creation3 Emily McSteel has 3 characters in POTCO.
Under Construction Emily McSteel has a character named Emily McSteel in POTCO.
Under Construction Emily McSteel has a character named Elizabeth McSteel in POTCO.
Under Construction Emily McSteel has a character named Kate McSteel in POTCO.
Pistol eagle eye Emily McSteel's Favorite server is Abassa!
Tortuga Emily McSteel's favorite main island is Tortuga.
Teasure Maps Emily McSteel has Beaten the Treasure Map 3 Times.
LegendaryLure Emily McSteel is a Master Fisherman!
PotionsIcon Emily McSteel is an expert potion brewer!
Mastered Emily McSteel has mastered all of her weapons!
FamedWeapons Emily McSteel has 27 Famed Items!
ElPatronIcon Emily McSteel is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!
Crown 1 lg Emily McSteel is a member of Royalty.
English Flag Emily McSteel is in an English Guild.
Female symbol Emily McSteel is female
Chicken dance Emily McSteel loves the Chicken Potion Dance!
ImagesCA3H21DG Emily McSteel has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!
Flag great britain flag Emily McSteel is a member of The High Court of England
Aprankmustache Emily McSteel HATED the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!
Fire 5 Emily McSteel is a True Master and has mastered everything!

A portreat of Princess Emily behind windsor castle

London Emily

Princess Emily behind the tower of london

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