Emerald Isle is a beautiful island full of plants, trees, and the greenest grass you have ever seen! Though there is a darker story behind this island's history...
Emerald Isle

The Beautiful Emerald Isle, as seen from a bird's eye view.

The Dragons

Emerald Isle was once home to many green dragons, a race of dragons with scales made out of pure emeralds. These dragons never fought, but were extremely aggressive in battle. The island had emeralds everywhere, because the dragons often shed their scales, creating emerald seeds, that would grow beautiful plant life. The Isle was like a Garden of Eden.

The Attack

Eventually, people heard tell of an island where you could harvest pure emeralds, and many a sailor went to check it out, only to realize there were dragons everywhere! The sailors eventually saw this as no threat and began to attack the island, killing many dragons and taking the emeralds for themselves. The dragons of Emerald Isle, being of a very high intelligence for a dragon, came up with new plans to ward off the greedy sailors.

The Plan Sets Into Action

The dragon's plan was to surround the island in a magical fog and place sea monsters all around the island. The plan worked, until the sailors four out about it. They sailed through the fog on huge warships and continued to collect the emeralds, which were later found out to be worth more than regular emeralds. The dragons became more furious with every sailor that landed on the island but could not keep them at bay.

Disaster Strikes

Eventually, the dragons began to grow aggressive, and began breathing fire at the ships, and killing the sailors. This angered all the Pirates, and they launched a strike. Using over 40 Ships of the Line, they fired cannons at the island, killing off most of the dragons, then they all landed and collected the emeralds, leaving the island a scorched and stripped mess. The smoke settled and the few dragons that remained put a fog around the island again, knowing that perhaps it would keep people at bay. The few remaining dragons then left the island, and a new species grew attracted to the island: Ravens. After the dragons had left, the island would be forevermore known as Raven's Cove. 

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