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Elite Huns Seal

The Official Seal of the Elite Hun Hussars!

Who are we?

We are the most elite, complex, and secret group of swordsmen of the East India Trading Company. We are responsible for Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard's and every other EITC Leader's safety and health. We are their most trusted allies, and their top chiefs of security, and security advisors. Every public appearance is gone over three times to make sure that the leaders are kept safe from Captain Leon and his men.


If you would like to join, please add your name to the list below. Here are the requirements:

  • Must be EITC, or not against Samuel Redbeard.
  • If you are a spy, YOU MUST DIE!
  • Must be level 50 notoriety.
  • Must be against Captain Leon.

Jerry Of Maintenance ~ Hussar Marshal

King Matthew Darkskull ~ Brigadier Hussar Marshal


Clothing are only required during events, while off duty, you where what you want!

  1. Hat: Burgundy Cavalier
  2. Coat: None
  3. Belt: Depends on your rank.
  4. Vest: Embellished Vest
  5. Shirt: Mershal Shirt Gold Trim
  6. Pants: Matador Breeches
  7. Shoes: None
  1. Belt Ranks (In Colour)
    1. Hussar Marshal: Adventure Belt/Navy Blue Basic Sash
    2. Brigadier Hussar Marshal: Traveller Belt/Gold Skull Belt
    3. Batman/Soldier-Servant: Box Belt
    4. General: Red Basic Sash
    5. Brigadier General: Red Basic Sash
    6. Colonel: Dark Brown Basic Sash
    7. Lieutenant Colonel: Dark Brown Basic Sash
    8. Commandant: Dark Blue Basic Sash
    9. Captain: Dark Blue Basic Sash
    10. Lieutenant: Grey Basic Sash
    11. 2nd Lieutenant: Grey Basic Sash
    12. Officer: Dark Yellow Basic Sash
    13. Officer Cadet: Dark Yellow Basic Sash
    14. Sergeant Major: Dark Green Basic Sash
    15. Sergeant: Dark Green Basic Sash
    16. Corporal: Purple Basic Sash
    17. Private: Purple Basic Sash
    18. Cadet: Plain Basic Sash


Please put your guild's or government's name here if you would like to be an ally. Be sure to add a link!

Random Explosions

If you ever heard a random explosion go off on Tortuaga, The French Island, The Spanish Siland, or Padres, even any place, it was us! We have always been bombing our enemies. And we never stop! We go in a glitch, so they won't see us either while we bomb them!

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