No man could use all these weapons alone. So, El Patron picked up a crew on Raven's Cove to loot gold and plunder ships. They were the most famous pirates in the Caribbean. But one day El Patron left with his crew getting ready for a day of sailing, But they never returned to Raven's Cove. The crew was last seen sailing at the uncharted waters near Raven's Cove, but as ghosts. No one knows how they got cursed, all they know is that at the first sign of this cursed crew, you must sail. Sail as fast as you can as far away as possible.

Crew ranks

Cannoneer (Member, operates cannons and uses Doll)

Windcatcher (Veteran, Operates sailing and uses Dagger)

Task Master (Officer, Operates steering wheel and uses Sword)

Big Mouth (Third in command, runs around and yells orders to the crew)

Inspector (Second in Command, inspects crew and makes sure their doing things right)


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