El Monstruo
El Monstruo is a level 53-55 boss in the Cursed Caverns.


El Monstruo was once a peaceful villager living on Padres del Fuego. One day, walking down the beach, he spotted a black and dark green sword. When he picked it up, the name came to him. La Espada Cactus. The name came in Jolly Roger's voice. Juan collapsed, and undertook a horrible transformation.

When he awoke, he was lying, half buried in the hardened lava of Padres volcano. He got up, and walked to the water. When he looked at himself, he saw a monster. He jumped into the water, hoping to drown himself, but could not.

He propelled himself forward, towards a mountain on the far side of Port Royal.

When he arrived at the island, he tried to kill himself once again, to no avail. He became enraged, and carved out the Tormenta Caves using La Espada Cactus.

He stayed there for many years, until Jeffrey Blasthawk defeated him. Jeffrey took the sword, but then a second copy grew into El Monstruo's hands. Jeffrey did not recieve the curse.

El Monstruo now roams the Cursed Caverns, holding onto the cursed spirit of La Espada Cactus.





Cursed Boss


La Espada Cactus's spirit




Unknown Drops

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