El FoulBillon is the embodiment of Bill Plunderbones Tew in PvP matches, similar to Richard Ghostvane.
Bill outfit 12

El Billon form


Ever since he began pvping his skills have formed a entire entity using the Light Being's powers. El FoulBillon was born

Weapons Belt

Bill Plunderbones

  • Brawler's Cutalss - The first Famed Bill ever got it served him well in multiple pvps and he has mastered its power slash.
  • Blightfang Edge - First famed Cursed on Bill gotten two days after Ravens Cove appeared in the Caribbean.
  • Silver Freeze - First Legendary ever from evil foulberto smasho
  • Sacred Repeater - most powerful gun it destroyed Edgar Wildrat's champion title

Bill Plunderbones Tew

  • Thunderspine Sword - First Legendary Cursed gotten and served him well in multiple jumper noob pvps - he somehow got a second one that is highly coveted by Richard Ghostvane.
  • World Eater Blade - the second Legendary cursed found This all mighty blade earned him many victories including several defeats to Sven Daggersteel himself.
  • Lost Sword of El Patron - The sword given to him by the Light Being himself he has used it well and been conjuring spirits to keep him alive for a little longer against numerous foes.
  • Treachery's End - This sword was kept from Billon more then 3 times until POTCO showed mercy Now hes used it in battle against the Supreme Overlord of Darkness Bobby Moon.
  • Barracuda Blade - After a long time POTCO gave him the power hat could stand up to Richard Ghostvane's vocaious The Dark Barracuda Blade, his own Barracuda Blade fused with The Light. Over time he tied the mighty Ghostvane and at times beat him, combining WEB, Treachery's End, Barracuda Blade, and a newely acquired Blightfang Edge. The Barrauda is his main weapon to use in pvp now earning the title Barracuda Warlord and putting him in the Barracuda Club.

Main Opponents

Billon has many opponents some dangerous some not so much but mostly he has come out on top

  • Richard Ghostvane/Richard Goldvane - main rival and competitor, Barracuda Captain.
  • Jack Pistol - is a beast with Masterwork Boradsword
  • The Godhermit - not a main competitor but usually paired with Ghostvane in team pvps, but easily defeated in solo matches. main weapon The Barracuda Blade
  • Supreme Overlord Bobby Moon - Not a very tough pvper so easily defeated but has a mean Musket strategy. main weapon Treachery End
  • Sven Daggersteel - a intersting pvper he is a dang good one and is considered undefeated but tis not true. multiple main weapons , Nautilus Blade, Masterwork Broadsword
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine - main sabre and blunderbuss competitor. no longer really plays but gave Billon a run for his gold earlier in the day. main weapon - General's Broadsword
  • Stpehen - The World Eater Blade user not as powerful as other opponents but still dangerous.


ElPatronIcon El FoulBillon is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!
Cutlass brawl El FoulBillon has the cutlass skill, Brawl.
Mercer's Blades mp icon El FoulBillon is in possession of the legendary Silver Freeze!
Cutlass bladestorm El FoulBillon has the cutlass skill, Blade Storm.
150px-4542969 This user is in possession of the powerful World Eater!

Ghost El FoulBillon is a Ghost.
Icon Cursed aa El FoulBillon is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Spinecrest Sword!
EC El FoulBillon is in possession of the legendary Emerald Curse!

Thunderspine userbox El FoulBillon is in possession of the infamous Thunderspine sword!
SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 El FoulBillon is a member of The Society of The Light!
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