Edgar Sharkskull

Edgar Sharkskull is the Guild Master of the guild: Werewolves Rage

He also captains the War Galleon: Midnight Wolf.

He is also usually found on Port Royal on the server Andaba.


The Mexican Empire

He was born in Mexico. His father was an Aztec and his mother was Spanish royalty. When both his parents died in a shipwreck, he decided to join the Spanish Navy. Over the years, he achieved higher ranks and was given a small amount of land in Mexico to govern by the Spanish king. Edgar Sharkskull grew to be a really talented swordsman and navigator. He got control of a galleon and sailed to Spain and lived there for years. He never knew what happened to his land in Mexico until one day he shipwrecked there then founded a pirate town. Edgar still privateers for Spain.

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