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  • Echo is the son of King Shadow Sail of Italy, although, not the prince of Italy.
  • A level 13 pirate
  • Skinny with Black Hair
  • Extremely poor, but many say very loyal and honest to all
  • Almost died in a fire back in 1772
  • Currently Age 13
  • Brother of Pvper


Oh old Echo, a man of his word, as many might tell you. One of the nicest pirates you will ever find over the seven seas. The life of Echo's was not what you would expect, being such a joyful and pleasant young man.

Echo was born in Italy, Shadow was his Dad, his mom is unknown, for, Shadow had adobted him at the age of 1 month. Life in Italy was always filled with happiness and glory, Shadow gave Echo almost anything he wanted. At the age of 4, he had 5 Ship of the Lines (though, he could not sail at this point in time). He was very happy and wanted nothing more but to stay with his caring father for the rest of his life, he would later learn, it is easier said then done. Shadow had a history with the EITC, they didn't like him one bit. Who could blame them? Shadow made fools out of them and sent them on a wild goose chaise. You see, approximately 5 years ago, Shadow's grandfather buried a treasure, no one knows why he did this, it was intended to be in Shadow's possession. In this treasure, some say there was more than 1 billion gold pieces held inside. Along with that, some of the finest clothing, rubies, ancient maps, everything a man could want. Of course, Shadow managed to find it, but there was a group who wanted their hands on that treasure, the EITC. They scanned the seven seas for years in search of it, but alas, did not find a clue, that is simply because Shadow had found it 7 years ago. When the EITC found out about his little trick, they wanted revenge.

Shadow was staying in a island front cabin on one of his exclusive islands, though there was more than enough security, something horrid was still in his future. At about midnight, he heard loud bangs, gun shoots, screams, chaos. He had no idea what was going on. He forced himself out of his bed and awoke to a room full of flames. The first thing he thought of was Echo and Pvper, he rushed over to his bedroom to find that they wasn't there! He then searched the house, he was no where to be found. He sprinted outside, but still no Echo was in sight. The house had burned down, and Shadow had lost his sons.

What Shadow did not know, is Echo and Pvper escaped and took their War Sloop to the Caribbean to escape, but the father thought his sons had died in the fire, and Echo and Pvper thought his father had died, they were separated, and Echo and Pvper were on their own.


  • Sword / Cutlass: Level 12
  • Gun: Level 7
  • Dagger: Level 3
  • Cannon: Level 7
  • Sailing: Level 1
  • All other weapons are currently level one or locked.

Life, Current

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