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EX-21 Slipper Misfit
The EX21 Slipper Misfit is a jumpship designed and engineered by Verton for his personal use. It possesses a warp drive allowing it to travel beyond the speed of light. It also serves as a mobile home and base carrying an on-board armory, kitchen, and other needs for Verton. It is armed with deadly python rockets, GAUSS-7 lasers, and DEF-2 plasma beams. It's revolutionary stealth design allows it to pass through heavily guardian zones undetected. Its wings are specialized for tight manuevers and extreme speeds.


After Verton recovered an eye from a Gate Lord, he would need to bypass the Cabal Exclusion Zone and enter Mars. His current vessel had no capability to breach the Cabal Defense Network. Verton needed a fast, stealthy ship with heavy armament and a flexible design. After several days of researching and designing, Verton completed his final blueprint for the ultimate ship. 

Once his blueprint was complete, he hired a ship contractor to construct for him. However, the contractor could not build the jumpship since its design required extremely rare, or perhaps legendary materials. Verton instead would cancel his contract and finish his creation on his own. He scoured the solar system for exquisite parts, searching the ponds of Venus, or the craters on the Moon. Once he had all the parts needed, he began assembling the ship by himself.

After a week of assembly, Verton's ultimate ship had been completed. When he prepared to take off from the Tower Hangar, the ship accelerated to unbelievable speeds. Sending Verton and itself into orbit within milliseconds. The ability of this super-vessel was obvious, and Verton knew that it was the perfect and absolute spacecraft to reach Mars.


When Verton finally completed his jumpship, he named it the EX21 Slipper Misfit. It was his twenty-first model, the reason behind EX21. It was constructed out of various parts from across space and time, being the reason behind the name of Misfit. Verton reworked the original name of the jumpship after his deployment into Mars, calling it the Slipper. As it was able to "slip" past enemy defenses and reach locations safely. Combining all three terms, Verton settled on a final name, the EX21 Slipper Misfit.


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