Hello, This is us, THE LOOTERS and we created a page about our partner guild,EVIL REBEL.


This is a AWESOME guild. They are very epic and gm of guild is LVL 50. Lots of members. And they have no co gm but they are getting one.

WHY THE CO GM(LANDON.)LEAVE GUILD. Actually, he left the EVIL REBEL guild and joined INFERNO. He was a pretty bad co gm because he was almost never online(0-2 times a month.).

The gm of this guild is REBEL. I always said to Rebel, EVIL REBEL is a bad name because there is not only one EVIL REBELS. I told him there was more EVIL REBELS so I wanted him to change it to EVIL REBELS, but ye can't change names.

That guild is never in Abassa server and has 501 members.

Ye get three chances to break rules then you are demoted. If ye broke three rules before became vet, and break rules when vet, you are kicked out.

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