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Template:PrivatePageTemplate:DoNotEditThe EITC Secret Files are a series of top secret EITC documents seen by only a handful of eyes, and no, Captain Leon has not seen them.

These files contain papers on previous leaders, all members, battle plans, and ships. These files were written by Lord Samuel Redbeard. Here are some things allowed to be released to the general public:

The Watch List

The Watch List is the list of the top ten most wanted people. The list is a follows:




7. Captain Leon(Official)

6. Lee Knite(Official

5. Marceline(Official)

4. Jack Sparrow(Official)

3. Pearson Wright(Official)

2. Ben Goldeagle(Official)

1. John Macbatten(Official)

Arrest Warrants

This warrant is for the arrest of:



Claiming to be EITC leader and going against the EITC

Captain Leon... You are under arrest for going against Lord Samuel Redbeard and Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company. You are to be hung by the next until dead. May God have mercy on your soul.

Lord Cutler Beckett of the East Inida Trading Company

Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard of the East India Trading Company

EITC Treasure Fleet Plans

EITC Leviathan -- Launch date: January 22, 1722 (2011) - 2:22 PM CST

EITC Intrepid -- Launch date: February 4th, 1722 (2011) - 3:10 PM CST

HMS Conqueror -- Launch date: UNKNOWN CLASSIFIED

Mission: Get shipments of Lost/Cursed Blades to Fort Righteous from Raven's Cove. Escort ships: Needed. Four Six. EITC Tyrant. Kill all pirates who attempt to stop this shipment at all costs. Failure is not an option.

EITC Black Guard Interrogation Plans

Mission: Send EITC Black Guard to Port Royal to interrogate pirates on the whereabouts of the Marceline guild

Date: May 24 and 25, 1720 (2009)

Interrogators: Captain Ellison Shaw, Private Millard Wingate, Lieutenant Clayton Meade, etc.

Notable EITC Ships

These include some of the most powerful and famous EITC ships on the seas today. The list is as follows:

HMS Supreme -- Main EITC flagship Protect at all costs!

HMS Imperial -- King's Flagship Protect at all costs!

HMS Bloodless -- Fleet ship

HMS Victoria -- Fleet ship

EITC Intrepid -- EITC Treasure Fleet flagship -- Firebrand; Roundshot -- 79-81

EITC Leviathan -- EITC Treasure Fleet flagship -- Chain Shot; Firebrand -- 79-81

EITC Conqueror -- EITC Treasure Fleet flagship -- Chain shot; Explosive -- 79-81

EITC Tyrant -- EITC Treasure Fleet escort War Frigate -- Firebrand; Explosive -- 69-71

EITC Juggernaut -- EITC War Frigate -- Firebrand; Explosive -- 43-45

EITC Behemoth -- EITC War Galleon -- Firebrand; Explosive -- 40-42

EITC Warlord -- EITC War Frigate -- Roundshot; Firebrand -- 33

EITC Corsair -- EITC War Sloop -- Firebrand; Explosive -- 37-39

Notable EITC Officers

These are some of the most well known men in service to the EITC.

Samuel Redbeard -- EITC Lord Marshal (First in Command)

Giratina Origin Forme -- EITC Supreme Lord (Second in Command)

Benjamin Macmorgan -- EITC High Lord (Third in Command

Pablo Swordmaster -- EITC Lord (Fourth in Command)

Captain Ryan -- Head of the British Royal Navy

William O'roberts -- EITC Lord

King John Breasly

Poeman -- EITC Spy

James "Usman" Strider -- EITC General

Robert Mcroberts -- EITC General

Warskull -- EITC Assassin Traitor

Richard Hookskull -- EITC General Left

Ben Goldeagle -- EITC Member Given "Pirate" Brand

EITC Invasion Plans

The Invasion of Tortuga:

Stand in line to intimidate pirates. PvP if necessary. Attack after 30 min(s) of standing. leave nothing alive.

Padres Del Fuego: CLASSIFIED!

Rumrunner's Isle: Take EITC platoon to take the island, and Secure the rum Cellar

Raven's Cove: CLASSIFIED!

Isla Perdida: Use an EITC platoon to take the island, then defend it from Francis Brigade.

Isla Tormenta: CLASSIFIED!

Documents of Workers

Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard

Player name: Samuel Redbeard

Notoriety: 50

Status: Alive, healthy

Position: Lord Marshal, First in Command

Job(s): Works for East India Trading Company, Royal Navy

Ship(s): HMS Supreme

Fort(s):Fort Righteous


Cannon: 25

Sailing: 30 (Mastered)

Sword: 30 (Mastered)

Shooting: 30 (Mastered)

Doll: 30 (Mastered)

Dagger: 30 (Mastered)

Grenade: 23

Staff: 30 (Mastered)

Potions: 11

Fishing: 12

King John Breasly

Player name: John Breasly

Notoriety: 39

Status: Alive, healthy

Position: King of England

Job(s):Works for EITC, Royal Navy, His Majesty's Fleet member, King, Member of British Parliament, OCG

Ship(s): HMS Imperial, Golden Dragon, Silver Dragon

Fort(s): Fort Charles


Cannon: 14

Sailing: 24

Sword: 30 (Mastered)

Shooting: 15

Doll: 8

Dagger: 24

Grenade: 7

Staff: 12

Potions: 10

Fishing: 20 (Mastered)

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