EITC Second Division

In Service of

The EITC, the British Empire, His Majesty


Lord General Jason Blademorgan (founder)

Other Commanders

Lord Ryan Blademonk

Lord Governor Tyler Crossbones

Primary Guild

British Black Guard, Armed Guard ( Secondary )


all those who stand against the British Crown, Samuel Harrington's Elite. Co Marines


Guines (successful), Galaira (incomplete), Vachira (incomplete)

Squad Leaders

Captain Ishamel, Lieutenant Ricky,

Base of Operations

Kingshead, Antik (main base), Cuba, Antik (forward operating base)Tortuga Swamp, Antik (fall back point alpha) Port Royal Crab Beach, Antik (fall back point bravo), Padres Del Fuego, Antik (additional training grounds)


The Second Division Founded by Lord General Jason Blademorgan, There are only two squads at the moment and is currently growing


  • Admiral Hat - Available at Padres Del Fuego Tailor</li>
  • Plain Linen Long Sleeve - Available at Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego Tailors</li>
  • Adventure Belt - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailor </li>
  • Adventure Breeches - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailors or Raven pants </li>
  • Adventure Boots - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailors or Raven Boots </li>
  • Adventure Coat - Adoria's Family Quest, Padres Del Fuego Tailors, or Royal Long coat from the peddlers</li>

    The First Brigade

    Lord General Jason Blademorgan

    1st Squad

    Colonel Blake

    Major Raphael

    Lieutenant General Ishamel Stead

    Captain Peter Plankwrecker

    Lieutenant Will

    Sergeant Mikey Jr

    Corporal Nate Blastmenace

    Second Brigade

    Lord Ryan Blademonk

    1st squad

    Lieutenant Ricky

    Sergeant Leon Sailpain

    Lance Corporal Matthew

    Corporal Edward O'cutter

    Private Isabella O'bonney

    Third Brigade

    Lord Governor Tyler Crossbones

    1st Squad

    Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    Major General Richard Luther

    Corporal William Coalsmythe

    Private Constance Cresteagle

    Private Nickolai Sharkhayes


    Every few days, the entire EITC Second Division gathers for training. During training, all soldiers will go over the basic fundamentals of fighting, learning certain orders from the drill sergeants, and occasionally practice in simulated battle sequences. The training session is usually held on the beach of Rumrunner's Isle, but may sometimes change. All training is run by Lord Jason Blademorgan. If you are in the division, you are required to come to training when online, unless a reasonable excuse is at hand. We ask that all soldiers come to training with their musket/bayonet, any dagger or sabre, and proper uniforms.


    Below is a list of all of the EITC Second Division's primary objectives (in chronological order per catergory):


    None Yet

    Hunts and assassinations

    Maria Stormrattle - Lead by Captain ishamel and the squad to hunt down a traitor to the eitc!

    William Brawlmartin ( Being planned ) Due to william's betrayal the second division plans to take out a rebel leader

    Matthew O'Malley - Assault on victims close to the EITC, and has Join THE NEW Rebellion guild against the EITC AND ENGLAND! At Large

    Naval Ships

    HMS Endeavour

    HMS Golden Rose

    HMS Black Mercenary

    HMS Black Raven

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