Law Act Proposal of the EITC - Members

This is the second law act passed by High-Lord Marshal Garland, after being proposed by First High Lord Johnny Coaleaston, Third in Command of the EITC. In order for the New Era of the EITC to be successful, we need discipline and quality members, not noobs. Quality before quantity. Also, for punishments for offences to be added and authorised, and discharged members to be listed, I request permission from the Lord Secretary.


  • Your loyalties MUST be in the following order: King, Country, Company (Subject to change by Lord Secretary)
  • You must be Unlimited Acces and above level 15 to receive a rank in the EITC; all others will be considered raw recruits and "unofficial" members of the EITC.
  • You must never disobey an order given to you by any soldier above you in the chain of command
  • Dischargements to ONLY be authorised by Lord Secretary and the King; discharge requests to ONLY be filed by a High Commanding Officer (First through Fourth in Command)
  • Capital Letters Lock be banned, exceptions on rare occasions
  • Initial starting ranks are ALWAYS the lowest rank possible, i.e. Cadet or Private
  • Promotions of one rank can ONLY be given by a High Commanding Officer; promotions of two or more ranks can ONLY be given by Lord Secretary
  • Anything of or relating to mutiny be absolutely banned
  • Claiming to be a false rank, i.e. if you are a lieutenant and claim to be a captain, be banned
  • Full quarter to be given to ANY enemy requesting surrender
  • Official declarations of war to only be authorizd by Lord Seceratary and King


  • Talk of Mutiny - Demotion of up to four ranks, varies on degree of talk of mutiny
  • Acts of Mutiny - Temporary dischargement of 12 hours
  • Attempted Mutiny - Temporary discharegment of 72 hours, imprisonment for 24 hours of that time
  • Disobeying a superior officer - Demotion of up to two ranks, varies on degree of disobeying
  • Claiming a false rank - Demotion of up to eight ranks, varies on degree of claiming a false rank
  • Talking in capital letters - Demotion of one rank

NOTE: Depending on the degree of the above charges, warnings will be given by the High Commanding Officers. Once a certain number of warnings have been given, the punishment may be put under way. In some cases, there will be no warnings.


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