The Elite Four are a group of four high lords (not always the first four men in command) in the EITC. They serve under the Lord Governor, and usually only take orders from him. The Elite Four do not necissarily work all the time, and usually never have to use the special power and authority they have. If you have ever served on Benjamin MacMorgan's "Mini Star" council, or if you know what it is....... the Elite Four are basically the same thing.

When and Why

The Elite Four were constructed long ago, when the second EITC civil war (Captain Leon vs Samuel Redbeard for the EITC Lord Marshal Throne) had come to an end (in Samuel's favor). Johnny Goldtimbers, and Samuel constucted the Elite Four as a preventive measure for control of the men of the EITC. They were all loyal high lords that knew who the leader was, and started as a simple force to make sure other men in the EITC who were left distrought from the sudden power change, knew who the leader was too. Lord Samuel Redbeard.


Over time, the Elite Four had evolved into something more than just crowd control. They had changed into a well renoun commanding force, and a council with much higher expectations than before. Originally, an Elite High Lord had to be (and i quote): A Loyal man who has served in the EITC for at least a year, and is of High Lord status. More recently however, the requirements have hardend into a longer service commit (now a year and a half), and they needed to have previously been either an Admiral, or Commander. In addition, all Elites must have had at least two well known Positions of Authority. These hardend requirements stand today.

Members, Past & Present

Over the course of the Foursome's career, they have changed lineup several times do to promotions, demotions, dischargements, disrespect, etc. As a matter of fact, the Elite Four has changed it's lineup a total of 79 times since they were founded. As this would take far too long to spell out them all, I will cut to the chase, and tell you who they are now, and as a bonus i will throw in THE ORIGINAL Elite Four founding members.

Original Elite Four

Johnny Goldtimbers

Cad Bane

William Yellowbones

Lord Andrew Mallace

Current Elite Four

Johnny Goldtimbers

Lord Jeremiah Garland

Giratina Origin Forme

Lord Mallace

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