Must be level 25+

Able to defeat extremely hard foes.

Must have completed Raven's Cove Story Quest

Speak to Captain Jack Sparrow in the Faithful bride

Jack needs some documents from Lord Cutler Becketts office, help him to retrieve them.

Go explore Fort Kingshead for Secret Door

Once found, return to Jack Sparrow.

Getting the Disquise

Kill Neban the Silent - hat

Kill Remington the Vicious - Coat

Kill Edward Lowhand - vest and shirt

Kill Samuel - pants

Kill Thug Boss - boots

Return to Jack Sparrow

Getting a little dirty

Kill Foulberto Smasho—get a feel for fighting in your new uniform

Return to Jack Sparrow

Kill four EITC Warlords—Raise suspicion within the EITC

Kill an EITC Ship of the Line—halt is shipments of Lost Weapons (may take awhile)

Return to Jack Sparrow

getting to the Head

With your FULL uniform on, go into the Secret Door in Kingshead

Kill the wave of Thugs

Kill the wave of Grunts

Kill the wave of Hired Guns

Kill the wave of Mercenaries

Kill the wave of Assassins

Kill Mercer boss LvL52

Open Secure Door

Speak with Lord Beckett about delivering Arrest Warrent for Jack Sparrow

Take the Arrest Warrant back to Jack Sparrow (without getting pounded by the Assassin bosses that are REALLY hard)


Rewards—EITC uniform (may upgrade to ELITE EITC unifrom when at LvL 48)

Customize ship sails with EITC logo

Paint ship in EITC colors

Able to do EITC Waves game ( killig waves of EITC enemies as you did earlier in quest, but at a much harder level)

Able to kill Mercer freely and collect his drops (only after completeing the waves)

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