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The EITC Conqueror's Alliance

Government EITC Conqueror's Alliance is a(n)/the government of the East-India Elites.

EITC Conqueror's Alliance is not and official guild but group that EITC can join. Main group that controls the Conqueror's Alliance is the East-India Elites. The Lord of the Alliance is Robert Macpaine. Governemt has now been broken up by Lord Robert Macpaine leaving the East-India Elites. Robert Macpaine has not been seen lately

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Lord Robert Macpaine of the EITC Conqueror's Alliance


This government is ruled by the EITC. They have control over the Legassa Ocaen and have been looking to expand their empire.


1. Obey all laws past by this Government.

2. All piracy is not permitted and will be dealt with serious force and threat.

3. Ships with supicious cargo will be sunk

4. Violence to any EITC ship or member of government will be dealt with serious force.

5. All islands' wealth will be passed thru the EITC before going to the people

6. No undead activity shall be permitted.

7. Gypsies shall not use vodoo magic against EITC

8. All pirates shall be killed if captured.


Legassa Server

Main location: Port Royal

Fort Charles-pirates' execution happens here.

Weapon Stacks- Classfied

Governor's Mansion-Lord's main office

Jail-Where pirates and other traitors wait to be executed

Secondary base: Raven's Cove aka where pirates go to be tormented

El Patron's Mine-Weapon Stacks

El Patron's Ship- Classified

Jail- Where tortured pirates go to wait...

Third Base: Cuba

Tia Dalma's Home: Secret Hideout

Cuba's main port: Where many of the EITC fleet go to drop off cargo, like the EITC Conqueror ship of line goes to drop off cargo and other items of interest.

Fourth Base: Padres del Fuego

Main base: Las Pulgas


Las Pulgas: Secret Hideout

Main port: EITC Fleets main port

Padres' Main Town: EITC Recruiting Grounds

Weapons Stacks: Classified

Main Training Grounds: Kingshead

Marching Grounds: Navy training and EITC training

Main Port: Dropoff of cargo or pirates

Jail- EITC Assassin's and EITC Black Guards' Tortureing Grounds of pirates

Fort by Marching Grounds- Weapons' Stacks and other supplies

Fort, Home to Remington the Vicious- Weapons Stacks and Execution Grounds

Fort, by the Jail- EITC Conqueror's Alliance's main offices' and government main hang out

Remington the Vicious- Main Executioner

Assassin's- Spies and other executioners

Recruiting Grounds: Tortuga

Main Port: Recruiting Grounds

Rat's Nest: Training Grounds

EITC Building: Meeting Place

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