The EIR (East India Republic) Veterans Foundation is a group of old members from East India Republic. They are all "Knights of the Round Table" in King George's book, and their society is one of his biggest sways.


One day, King George sat with his son, remembering their times in East India Republic. They decided to make a veterans foundation for EIR, and thus, it was born.


Members are classified under "EIR Veteran", "EIA Veteran", "David Inc. Veteran", and "EIE Veteran".

  • John Breasly (King George II) -- Co-Founder, EIA Founder
  • Lawrence Helmbain (Lawrence Augustus) -- Co-Founder
  • William O'roberts—EIR Founder
  • Robert Mcroberts—EIE Founder
  • Infantryguy—David Inc. Veteran
  • Solomon Burnward—David Inc. Veteran
  • Richard Swordsilver—David Inc. Veteran
  • Elizabeth Heartmalley—EIR Veteran
  • William Damproberts—EIR Veteran
  • Captain Ryan—EIE Veteran
  • Jack Cannonhawk—EIA Veteran
  • Edgar Darkhawk—EIA Veteran
  • Chris Warhound—EIA Veteran
  • Charlotte Bluescarlett—EIA Veteran
  • Kat Hexbones—EIR Veteran
  • Jack Stormwalker—EIR Veteran
  • Simon Lockward—EIR Veteran
  • Jeffrey Warratte—EIR Veteran
  • Geoffrey Ropefitte—EIR Veteran
  • The Treasure Hunter—David Inc. Veteran
  • Nate Raidhawk—David Inc. Veteran
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