Driftwood Hornets is a offical team of the Caribbean Poker League

220px-Oosterse hoornaar Vespa orientalis (1)

Who are we?

Driftwood Hornets are an elite team of playing poker and will never fold in poker! This is an elite and official team of the caribbean poker league! This team is a hard working team that will do anything to win.

How it all started

It got started by the Caribbean Poker League, but first it was just a poor team that didn't really win any poker games until they had a switch in captain and now they are elite with a new poker team at the cards and will put up a fight in poker!

Team mates

  • Captain= LeClerc Sharpe
  • Vice Captain= Jack Pistol
  • Player=Jason Yelloweagle
  • Player=Ask in comments!


  • Hat:Anyone kind of Ostrich Hat
  • Shoes= No Shoes
  • Vest=Dark Brown Sack (you can get on at cuba)
  • Belt=Jolly Bones
  • Pants= Celtic Trousers
  • Shirt=Cotton Open Long Sleeve
Cortez Outfit

you should look like this

Team Facts

  • Our team's server is Exuma
  • Our Tavern is Parlor Room
  • Uniforms must be worn at every poker game
  • Our Sponsor is Mystic Muck
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