Dreiton is a growing seaside town on WikiCraft 3, as well as the largest and most developed living area in its world. It is inhabited by a number of wikians who work together on matters of architecture, economics, and foreign policy. It is part of a larger empire composed of the town and numerous other small territories, the list of which is quickly expanding. The town is open to any who wish to take up residence in it, and the real estate business is booming.


The town currently has a population of 6 wikians:

  • Ned Edgewalker: Server owner, co-founder of Dreiton
  • Cannonwalker (King-Beyond-the-Overworld): Co-founder of Dreiton, Minister of Transportation, Grand Maester of the Knights of Dreiton
  • MC_Zoomer (The Lorax): Early member of Dreiton, Town Sheriff, Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, member of the Knights of Dreiton, town cartographer and historian
  • TheNextMaster2: Early member of Dreiton, architect, Minister of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Border Control, and Director of ICE
  • Jeremiah_Garland: Early member of Dreiton, architect, Lord Commander of the Knights of Dreiton, Minister of Culture and Pretty Stuff
  • Benthamic (Dai Nao): Brewer, Wizard, Minister of the Environment
  • talonn_: Ravine dweller, leader of the Australian Caucus of the Dreiton National Assembly


Dreiton was founded on March 31, 2019, on the launch date of WikiCraft 3.0. Although the town was originally planned to be farther from spawn, its first members stumbled upon a beautiful roofed forest clearing which they deemed would be excellent land on which to create the foundation for the world's strongest empire. After braving the first few nights and the waves of undead that came with it, the trio of Ned Edgewalker, Zoomer, and TheNextMaster2 got to work on building their own homes, although Zoomer got little done before feeling compelled to beat creepers to death for experience points.

Eventually, the hatchling town was saved from starvation when the members stumbled upon the nearby village of Ville, where they politely asked to borrow some crops before taking some of it anyway. They made sure to replant, as they are a civilized bunch. The foundations of Dreitonese agriculture were laid down, and that same night, Cannonwalker, visionary of the town, would join the server and create his own hole in the wall.

Eventually, Jeremiah Garland would also join, and team up with TheNextMaster2 to plan and create wonderful builds such as Castle Dreiton, the mills, a lighthouse, bridges, an armory, an automated factory, and many more. The town has access to the nether, which its inhabitants use to train themselves as the Knights of Dreiton, and also because beating pigmen to death is an addictive pastime.

Benthamic, a wizard from a faraway land, would also join the town in about a week's time, and created his own beautiful hovel in the forest. Currently, the town has plans for a transportation system spanning all its possessions, a colosseum, and a consumerist getaway in one of its territories in the South Dreitonese Straits. It faces little real opposition in any of its glorious exploits.


Dreiton proper is located in the clearing of a small roofed forest, which itself links inland to the plains and outwards into an expansive ocean.


The town proper is located almost entirely at sea level, with only some small elevations inland. The surrounding forest is poorly lit, and so mobs raids into the town are, for the time, common. There is a stream dividing the two sides of the town, known as River Dreiton. North of it lay the bulk of the town, including most homes, the library, stalls, armory, castle Dreiton, and much more. South of the river, on a sizeable island, is the estate of TheNextMaster2 and his mill. Steps were taken cooperatively between the Departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development to create two bridges linking northern Dreiton to its southern component. Due north of the town's bustling center and a short trek into the woods is the picturesque borough of The Grotto, a hub for the arcane maintained by Dreiton's court mage, Benthamic, featuring the wizard's hollow, a humble graveyard, and a chateau with access to the treetops surrounding the city limits.

Beyond the natural harbor of Dreiton lies a growing colonial empire mostly oceanic and seafaring in nature. It currently exercises complete political and military control over the Faunic Islands (Canine, Ovine, and Longcock Isles) and has delineated an oceanic claim that contains many more sizeable islands. Their favorable position has led to plans of military bases, touristic getaways, and often plots of land simply for recreational architecture. They have yet to be mapped out, but the effort is underway by MC_Zoomer.

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