The order of the Dragon Gardener has formed alliances with certain other guilds. Guildmaster James Bladehound is currently looking for new alliances with other guilds, so if your guild would like to become allies with Dragon Gardener, please leave a comment or seek out James Bladehound of the Dragon Gardener guild. The guildmaster can often be found on his ship: The Storm Dragon, plundering the navy with a few loyal veterans. If you find his ship on "Public", please feel free to board it and ask Bladehound about forming an alliance.

This is a list of all the guild's current allies:

Infamous Ink

GM: The Bandit, Former member of Dragon Gardener


  • Caption Will
  • James Gunratte
  • Helena Witchhawk
  • Christopher Dockrat
  • Moon Thief

Skull's Marines

GM: Capt. Skull X


  • Chris Swordbones, Co GM
  • Terry Saberbearer
  • John Stormpaine
  • Sam Revenge
  • Rockhopper
  • Robert
  • Thomas Brawlstack
  • Robert Shipstealer
  • Tom Cresthawk
  • Dragonbulk
  • Edgar Wildrat
  • David Light
  • Captain Rad
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