Dr. Skull is a powerful witchdoctor, who doesn't need dolls or staffs to draw voodoo power and use it against his enemies or heal friends. He has been searching the world for a voodoo mask that can grant its user infinite power. Although, if the mask is to be destroyed ... the voodoo gods will become angry and kill Skull.

The Goldvane Trilogy

In "TGT", Dr. Skull is very different. He's not a fish person, and he is not searching for a mask. Instead, he's a bountyhunter, but that's not half of his story. He is one of the three sons of The Angler Lord, and has of of the three magical swords that unlock the gates to Atlantis. His is the Sword of Voodoo.

He is hired by Jolly Roger to find Richard Goldvane, but when he learns that Richard knows of the Sword of Freedom, the only sword not in the hands of Skull's family, he takes Richard into his home.


Known Relatives :

Half Relatives:

Skull, shortly after the transformation of The Abyss( Not canon to The Goldvane Trilogy )

Slappy - Brother

The Angler Lord - Father

He is a very known member of the Skull Family.

Known Weapons.

Not much is known, other than that he can use voodoo with his bear hands.


Dr. Skull made an appearance in The Goldvane Trilogy, and is a fairly main character in the lastest chaptes.

Dr. Skull has made an appearance in The Chronicles of John Breasly several times. He appears the same as he does here.

Differences from the Trilogy and the original character.

There is some differences from the original to the Trilogy, having writer CaptainGoldvane2 say : "I think i can find some differences to make and add a little of what i call my touch to the character. Having been based on a frog movie character, i might need to add that little Pirate touch . But I can say there will be differences, new storylines, and perhaps some confusion."

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