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Don Moon is the Don of Services in La Mafia. She was the first female Don to be accepted into La Mafia. As the Don of Services, Don Moon oversees the business of La Mafia. Off the record, Don Moon also Is responsible for mysterious disappearances of enemies of La Mafia in the night, as well as unexplained explosions. Don Moon's weapon of choice is the Treachery's End blade. It is said that Don Moon's gray eyes can look directly into your soul.

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Don Moon can often by found wearing her La Mafia attire, which includes:

  • Head- Adventure Cavalry Hat
  • Jacket- Adventure Riding Coat
  • Shirt- Dark Black Stitched Blouse
  • Belt- Plain Recruit Belt
  • Pants- Adventure Capris
  • Shoes- Plankwalker Boots
  • Hands- Silver Onyx Ring and Silver Ruby Ring

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Without question,

Don Moon BloodSpot

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