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Don Leone is one of the dons of La Mafia. The dons are the second chain of command after the Godfathers. He is a secretive man, often carrying out operations, and telling his officers later. As Don Sal puts it: "Leone runs to the beat of a different drum. That isn't always a bad thing." Leone has been known for putting private business in front of La Mafia's, much to the Godfathers' displeasure. However rowdy Leone is, his loyalty to La Mafia is unending, and his political and military careers keeps him in a good spot.

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  • Black Gold Long Coat
  • Purple Emlem Shirt
  • Inspector's Belt
  • Violet Yellow Breeches
  • Indoor Boots
La Mafia Allies

La Mafia Enemies

  • The Paradox
  • Spain
  • Matt the Ripper

Current Missions

  • Finding wife, Grace Wildscarlett.

Don Leone can be found in his mansion on Barano, Port Royal.

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With Deep Regards,

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