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Tavern Doc worked at.

Doctor Wicked is a man who passed away during the invasion of Raven's Cove


Doctor used to be a good man, having the time of his life with money and food and even a house by the beach. He

Doc's old boss, Swann.

had it made. His job was even easy, he was Elizabeth Swann's assistant. She was very good to him, in fact she build his beach house and gave it to him. He had great pay, 100 gold a day and yet he only worked 1 hour a day. He thought this was the way his life would stay and he would be happy and joyful forever. He was wrong. Elizabeth was going through some tough times, with her father not returning, she lowered his pay to 90 gold a day, a deal any pirate would take. But Doc would not take this deal, at least not very well.... he stole from Swann, he stole her pure gold rings and crystal earring, why he only took one, no one knows, and threw them in the deep blue ocean. Swann got so mad, she banished him from Port Royal and sent him to Raven's Cove, selling his house. Once at Raven's Cove, he became very poor, and hungry, and... unhappy. Sadie Clubheart saw him one day, crying, she felt so bad for him,
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The bar Doc worked at.

she gave him a job at their tavern on Raven's as a bartender. Once again he was as happy as could be and became great friends with the Clubhearts. He once again thought this is how his life would stay and he would be happy.... forever. And again, he was wrong. It was almost 7 at night, Doc and the Clubhearts cleaning up the tavern for closing. They head a big bang, almost crushing their ears, and the next thing they knew, Jolly Roger was in their tavern. Doc quickly hid behind the bar as Jolly picked up both Clubhearts and threw them at a near-by wall. But Jolly threw a table at Doc, killing him. No one knows why Doc wasn't turned into a ghost. Some people say he was too.... crazy.
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