On 29 May 1722 (2011), King George II met with members of the Church and the State, discussing the heir to his throne. He knew William Yellowbones would stop at nothing to get the crown. So, an official document was erected:

This document is to officially state the disowning of Lord William Norrington Yellowbones. This does hereby state the Lord Yellowbones is officially disowned from the Royal Family, severing all ties. Once this document is signed, it may only be un-done by the man who signed, His Majesty, George Augustus II. If you sign below, this is officially stating that Lord Yellowbones is severed from your family, and your heirs.


353px-Firma del Rey George II

This does hereby state that William Norrington Yellowbones is now no longer heir to the throne. Any further work against this document will result in Lord Yellowbones' dischargement from the East India Trading Company, Royal Navy, and exile from England.


On May 31, 1722 (2011), Lord William Norrington Yellowbones apologized to Prince George III, and became his adopted son. The document above has been undone by the hand of His Majesty, George II.

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